5 Tips when preparing for Storm Season

Spring is here and that means the onset of the storm season will soon be here. It is important that you check the following to make sure your home is safe and to mitigate the risk of storm damage.

  • Clear all the gutters in the property. This will ensure that when the rain comes, no damage will be done due to blocked drains or overflowing pipes.
  • Check loose roof tiles and repair as required.
  • If there are any long or overhanging branches from trees, or palm fronds, please make sure you trim these down. You don’t want the wind to come and rip these branches off, which could cause severe damage.
  • Make sure all screens and loose hinges throughout the house are secure.
  • If you see a storm approaching, remove any loose items laying around in the garden such as garden furniture etc.

Should a storm be severe and turn into an emergency situation, please call the SES immediately for assistance 132 500.

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5 Tips when preparing for Storm Season